Amanda Perez

Another hoe ,another hoe
Its friday night we was geared from head to toe
We were lookin so tight
The moment i leave his side
She tries to creep up from behind
I seen her with my own eyes
Why you trying to lie
There's plenty other guys
Why you gotta fuck with mine
See hoes like you get fucked up
After the club its on and thats whats up

Go ahead and look yeah i know hes fine
Trying to run up but he's already mine
When he looks at you he laughs in your face
Silly hoes you should know
You can never take my place
Go ahead and flaunt
And drop it like its hot
No matter what you do
He'll forget me not
Dont try to be sneaky and keep it on the low
You should already know
To him your justanother hoe

She said what you mean
I came to the bar to get me a drink
Shit you was on my man
Faster than i can drink
What you think im a fool
You think he's gonna leave me
To be with you
You an average chick stop grabbing him
Like he's your shit
I'll cock back my hand
And bust your lip
It will be a one way trip
You should last and this is it


All my ladies out there
You know what i'm talking about
If you got a good man you better look out
Cuz what you got is what they want
Tell them hoes you better push on
They on a mission better listen to what i said
Cuz these hoes get around everyday

Repeat chorus 2 times

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