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Daddy Come Home

Amanda Perez

Im looking out my bedroom Window
im looking for my daddy to come home
hes been gone for so long i know my mommy still loves him so
mommy and dad they get in a fight
the next thing i hear the slamming of the door
My daddys gone
Im all Alone
i cry myself to sleep

Daddy dont you know
that i miss you cause you gone
why dont you come back home
please come home
mommy still loves you, but i love you even more
oh please daddy please come home

we went out to hunt someday
we went out to fish the next day
all my dreams had come true
my daddys back and we are one again

i woke up to find he's gone
tears started running down my face
I was Only Dreaming
My Daddy's Gone
Daddy Where Are You?


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