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Your Life Behind My Back

Almost Cool

Do you remember plastic stars and paper hearts
All covered with love?
Do you remember your life behind my back?
Please say you do…

I put my guard down and you sneak away
I should have known I would face this day
I should have known you had it in you
Have you had enough yet of your life behind my back?
How could you think that you found what you want when you cant even look at me and smile?

Were you always someone else looking for a chance of happiness?
Or were you only someone else since you met me?
I will never understand how you looked so pretty
While you smoked that cigarette and frowned
So this is what its like to lose your best friend on your trip to heaven
I want to rip down the posters on my wall
This is where I have to draw the line before you take me too far down

You gotta be kidding me this can’t be happening
You will always be my friend that wanted more than the world but you just don’t understand

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