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Before I Give Away The Ending

Almost Cool

The clouds covered the stars, but the sky dropped one for you to wish on
I don’t remember who kissed who, but the night was proof
That this was the beginning of something great

I thought that good things only happened in the movies
I thought that I was meant to live this life alone
But you have a way that makes me feel better
I swear you must have magic in your blood

You take me away to that place I wish I were
It’s our own little world that I wish would come true
It starts with you resting yourself in my arms
Our hearts collide and we share the same life
Then I make up my mind that if you say goodnight
You’ll have to stay the night with me

We are the reason for dreams; the more I think the more I believe
Every minute that goes by is another minute closer to you
Closer to this dream come true

I like the way you make me feel
It’s something more than comfortable more than real
I can guarantee that you’ll see me again
Cause the best parts of life should never end

If you ever need me just fall asleep and I’ll be there in the morning

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