Forever Rso

Almighty R.s.o.

Ray Dogg:
It was 1987/tha year we drop Notorious it's all good/
we already gettin' that props in our neighborhood/
just then our crew would start to rearrange/ we
never knew but in just one year our lives would forever
change/ shit started goin' wrong right before our very
eyes/ it's so fucked up my nigga Big T had ta die/ So now tha next 2
months we blazin' up this funky town/
(buc buc) and when Tony Rome went to jail we were still down
Tony Rome:
Fresh up out my cells/ back where tha drama dwells/ and i can see shit
done change in my crew/ but tha faces i see now/ are tha niggaz that
stay true/ for one year it's been tough but still my trues has made it
through/ that's how we do
Mack Devil E. Devious:
From that year tha Rome was locked/ me, Jeff & Dogg didn't do
shit/didn't write a rhymes, made no music/ but never to lose it/ still
beleive in tha only thing i know/ and hey yo that's Forever RSO
We rocks it up? (RSO Forever)
Yeah, real strong organizations stay together
We rocks it up? (RSO Forever)
Yeah, real strong organizations stay clever
We rocks it up? (RSO Forever)
Yeah, real strong organization don't sever
We rocks it up? (RSO Forever)
Yeah, and RSO niggas to tha death must stay together
Mack Devil E. Devious:
Now it's '89/ and tha strenght is like a million/ we were so organize
would think we was / i had this feelin'/ that we about to blow/ we
got Rock, ?Tommy Gun? dope fuckin' stage show
Tony Rome:
'92/ shit still fucked up hooked up with Tommy Boy they try to play
but fuck em/ we don't need no fuckin' favors/ they bitched up/
up/ over controversal lyrics/ when controversy is sumthin' my crew
Mack Devil E. Devious:
got these muthafuckaz kickin sin/ (Damn) we tryin' to do a show in our
hometown and we're gettin' ban/ 94, down with RCA (Uh huh) we still
seein' court cuz we beat these writers down from tha start
Ray Dogg:
It seems everywhere we go a black cloud's floatin' by/ our destiny is
doom/ but i don't ask why/ one thing i do know is my niggas on my team
will have my trust/ no snitchin'/ loyalty's a must
Tony Rome:
Yeah/ so i take tha good/ with tha bad/ threw out
all that bad i've had to take, i'm glad i'm not tha type that's quick
break/ and call it quit/ but i can't quit/ cuz i've been through to
bullshit/ and that goes for tha niggas i rolls with
Mack Devil E. Devious:
Yo/ i love my team/ and i didn't earn my spot/ get burnt to a term
park (naw)
Ray Dogg:
Cuz if shit was gonna change it would have happen long time ago, (Fuck
that) Forever RSO
Ray Dogg: Talking
Ahhh Yeah, u know this one gotta go out to them niggas up in
Mattapan, Roxbury, South Ends, Columbia Point JP, Yeah to my niggas
Travy Yig Yang, Yo most of all to my niggas Go-Go Dave, see cuz with
him none of this would be possible
And yo, tha only thing that's gon' stop RSO is RSO
Forever (repeats to fade)

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