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Justice Without Tears


I just wanted to keep on living in this place
And just to take their lives to take this shits away!
I just wanted to stay here and walk around looking for spilled blood!
Check it out and see the insane part of me!

Ckeck and see my insane side
Yeah! It's all inside of me
I can't run away, I like it
I feel pain, hate and dispase!

Blood of the ones who are always on the top
Destroing your life and sucking your souls.
With a Friendly look on their faces but wishing they had you,
They just want to entertain you and tear your head away!

Check and see what happens here
Fight for justice without tears!
And when you accept all this,
We'll see those bitches in hell!
My insane side,
It is all inside of me,
No! I can't run,
I feel pain, hate and dispase!

Here I am! I'm fighting for you life and for your soul!
Running against injustice to see their blood on my hands!
This place, this shit burning inside and the hate runs in my veins!
Burning the bones of these bitches! Hell! For justice I will kill them all!

Fight for justice kill them all!

Compositor: Ernando Rodrigues, Weyner Henrique

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