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Third Millennium



Dark sky and grey clouds, a new appears
There’s nowhere to hide now we might face our fears
Our strength grows less in this martyred world
And sorrowful cries brings what it unknown!

Third Millennium, Third Millennium, Third Millennium,

No one was saved from the fury of mankind
A glorious workd thrown away by our hands
The noisy fit is announcing The end
May we be unhappy for ever after

Third Millennium, Third Millennium, Third Millennium,
Lead: Will - Lula

Time left it’s Mark in the world
What should we expect from me?

How can we live and never see
That our minds have been controlled
By TV and other craps
Hyponotised we’ll keep on smiling
And war is getting near
Without soldiers without guns
We’ll be killed by the machine!

Third Millennium

Lead: Bruno

Compositor: (lula / Ilton)

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