Next Time

All The Brightness

I take everything that you offer me
Then push you away
I'm not tryin' to be mean
It comes down to this
Will I be ready
When life bares its crown so suddenly?
I like to think that over the years
The hills and the holes have been good to me

But all the while and underneath
I can't help but think that if you...

Say "next time"
It'll never be the same way twice
Then you're left to wonder
"What if" always comes to mind
And memories made hard to find

Remember when you said to me
"You go, I go" so eagerly
But when push came to shove
And time made to bleed
I looked all around and you were never seen
Days come and go out of your control
You sift through the hours as if searching for gold

Keep running from this time
And then you'll find that what could have been gets left behind

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