Easier Said

All The Brightness

Another chance to make the most of it
Has found you but grounds you, you can't get a hold of it
And now the world is out to get you again
You're lied to, denied, as you try to make amends

You say you want to get on with your life and then
(Woah oh oh! No oh oh!)
Life comes to a halt
You say you want to believe in yourself and then
(Woah oh oh! No oh no!)
You fall apart

If all the things you love came crashing down
You shoulder that load everyday before there's a sound
And now you find you're always a step behind
Between all the mines that your mind buried in the ground

Even though it's not your time
You've gotta believe that some day
The stars are gonna start to shine
If you know where to look

Release yourself
It's easier said

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