No Way Out

Alienation Mental

I´ve been disposed into space´s waves
huddled up, immobile, i flay out of my messy skin
reserved in my emotions i´m so alone behind huge walls
I fall to my knees and expose my nape

I´ll close my eyes and drift off to distant stars
of images you can´t see or smell
all of my immaterial images are without edges or corners
here i perceive scattered mosaic thoughts

And there´s the door
but there´s no way out
there´s no way out, no way out
there´s no way out, no way out

My reconciled illusions are fading out one by one
my oppressive illusions are kept in the deepest dark abyss
show me a path where my dreams can run away
show me your black veins and specify the goal

I´m praying, i´m trying, i feel so confused
I´m laying, i´m kneeling, i feel so dirty
and all dark things are gathered up into a sealed off circle
I don´t see a way out

And there...

I lead the eternal fight to its final moments
the piss is still warm on my face
I don´t know if i´m to cry or smile
I´m laying, i´m crying, i´m on my knees, i´m dying

And there...

Join with me and together we´ll venture
into a depopulated world of puppets and empty chaoss
a world of absurdity and futility
put aside in the middle of a bottomless eternity

You can´t imagine how it dances inside me
I´m almost lulled to the edge of eternal silence
noise of scattering glass intersects a dark night like a loud scream
maybe this came the moment i woke up and stood up

And there...

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