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Obsessive Paranoid


Take your chance, to fill my head
With your empty advice
I'm losing time after time
My ability to do something
Good at least for me

I saw how this world can overcome a man
I knew all the pain that everyone
Is passing through
But no one knows how it feels
Be me without you

I had to let her go away
But nothing left to keep me sane

You've gone away
Left nothing for me to say
Made me look about myself
Should I go or should I stay?

I've been walking alone
Through the desert a few years
Don't recognize a friend
Or nothing that feels real

I said no
Need no one
I can make shit all alone
Need no one
I can make shit all alone

Some time I get closer, to get it high

If I need some help
Tell me you don't know
If I lost my way to be
Just put me on the road

Because I wanna crash my car
I'll be in fire till I die
Burn my bridges till that I go insane

I present you to your death
While I take your last breath
Enjoin with me or join the ravens

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