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Cannot Follow


Devil in me, make me take your dignity
now I see how evil I'm
I played the fool
I made this game

and I feel no shame
I've masked the words for you to feel blamed
as I treat you like a dog
I've broken you, I have scored

how can even you possibly forgive me
when I said enough, I never trusted on you
it was the only truth I did

My instinctive side has pushed to lie
and I don't fight, I know what they are saying behind
I have the devil by my side

I just wanna see it burn
I never cared about the ones who love my lies
I see the hate in their eyes

my life carries me through dark streets
(there's) no time to think about the things I shouldn't have done
and I'm done, I've gone, you cannot follow me

another heart lying on the floor
another fake smile
I know where I wanna go
what I'm ready to kill it for

I'll never die
cuz I'm too proud
dare God to try and face what I designed
I show no mercy outside this line

Compositor: Nathan Eiterer

Letra enviada por Nathan Eiterer

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