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Sink too deep in my own thoughts
parallel worlds melt with reality
melted by nightmares and phobias
tie my brain tie my brain darkest taste rises
In a maze of fragments of instability
what was clear now crumbles down
how long is it gonna last before its fall
for it has staggered once

I'm the emperor of madness slave to myself
slave to myself in the kingdom of sad truth - no truth.
Tower from which I can lie unseen,
battlefield where I can face my worst enemy
a monster called indifference.
My empire, I still don't know how far.
Yes I'm the maniac emperor in the empire of madness

Real nightmares they know they are here to stay
- neurotic and anesthesized -
My rule, a castle held by hate and injustice – My rule
Landscapes filled with frightful churches, peaceful cemeteries
languages unknown but so clear,
they speak to me in my dreams.
A world populated by ones never existed but once lived
I thought 'em dead, thought 'em dead
- they speak, I don't wanna hear.

I'm lost, you won't bleed with me...

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