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Hallowed Hatred


Violent religious disciplines once tried to civilize savane lands
with such an arrogance, sound like condemn repressing the word.
Centuries of superstition, masses in fear of punishin god
between blind faith and duty.
Big brothers of the world, among the fascist,
sick hierarchies, judges of the lower.
Supposed to rapresent the people (they soon forgotten)
Why should the pharaoh renounce to his throne ?
Tell me something- I haven't heard before.

Hallowed hatred- I'll resist such goodness
Hallowed hatred- refuse their charity

Faithful ancestors fed with ignorance
managed by their fathers, sufforing love-no lovem
Dead in purple clothes terrified by comunism.
Do you remember the Berlin wall? Capitalism keeps on casting bricks.

No reflections in the water, would a god (as his minister do and did)
Promote racial prejudice? Look

The cradle of intolerance rocks on and on.
Half assed smiling dictators-forged in wind of repression - sure source of aggression
Cultural colonialism, slayer of centuries
and you know what i think they don't believe in the god they preach.

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