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The Prophecy (feat. Rev. Rohan Treleven)


Freedom & Fyah

You may become the man
That you where called and selected to be
I release faith in your hearth wisdom
To your mind, there is music in you
And I sturb that musical ability within you
I sturb the ability to communicate
Through that instrument

You will speak you will be a voice
Of your generation but by the word
Of the living god
May you directed to the glory of god
And the building up
And strenghtening of humanity

Your hands will be skillefull hands son
Skillfull hands and so we call for that skill
The skill of your hands
Will take you before kings
And strenght will be in your character

You will be a strong man on your inside
That will overcome every obstacle
Because you will not be held down

You will rise everytime
Because your gift will make room
For you and you will take your place
And be a blessing to your generation

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