Albert Hammond, Jr.

Memo of Hate

Albert Hammond, Jr.

I had truly learned to hate
By the time that I was 8
In my mind
What was true
I made up or confused
The apologist in me
Couldn't wait to disagree
With your stance

Such amusement on your face
All I wanted was to hate
The beliefs that you hold
What's the point
I don't know
When the future seems to be
Some forgotten kind of dream
We sidelined

And you won't change my mind
It's a waste of your time
When I hate every word
Just cause you
Said it first (you said it first)

I would dance another day
But I left it all too late
Don't rеmind me of her
Don't give a crap
Run away if you meet
Anyonе like you and me (or me and you)

To believe easy lies
Wasn't quite dignified
When I called you that night
I was just seeing if you're alright
I take it back
I take it back!

I relive all those nights
On a loop in my mind
Can you tell I'm uptight?
Used to be what you liked

And I might rationalize
Call you up to clarify
That I meant you no harm
It was just a false alarm

False alarm
False alarm

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