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100-99 (Feat. GoldLink)

Albert Hammond, Jr.

You walk too slow
I don't know the way to your home
You say follow me and I know
I look up to you
and the buildings

I'm not safe
I've made mistakes I would again
In spite of what it cost me
I said take me any place I've never been
That was how it started

Who wrote that note
Pinned it to the breast
Of your coat
Sorry for the people who wont
Ever get to know you, really

Who let you go
Wander through the streets, rows and rows
Maybe close your eyes
So you don't
Wonder why it hurts to know me

If you were a car, I would crash you to a wall yee
You just yell at me, I yell at you, we couldn't last
Put my best foot forward but you leave me in the past yee
I could've just killed you
I contemplated, then I waited
Thought about it, feelings jaded
Undermined me but you overrated
I couldn't take it
I move to London
Separate places
I'm better focused and you say you miss me
But that shit belated yeah

I'm not safe
I've made mistakes I would again
I don't think I can stop it
You can take me any place I've never been
Is this was being lost is?

Tell all the people that you left
Tell all the world that it's too late
Tell all the friends you haven't met
I'll never feel like that again

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