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Ridin' Thy Darklands


Rise, follow me, the journey awaits for us
We don't care for our lives, we die for thee

Rise, we are not afraid, our journey awaits
Arise from your quarters, master of magick.

Give me your knowledge, you have the power
I embrace myself with thy name.

Darkness approaches me, there's nothing that i can see or say
The pain and the fear in my mortal soul with the power of horror
Holding my sword and my armor so tight, i can't die without leading it down
My mind getting black as i see the beasts arising from ground

The sky turns red and the rivers get black, i'm riding thy darklands again
Disturb all the creatures and blind them all, the victory is ours
Is yours with your mighty and forbidden knowledge, master of lost reigns
I'm your servant, my heart gets black, once and again...

Master of light, darker pure, dungeon of souls
Take me now, lead me to your domain, rise with me
The shadow of your presence covers me
My veins explode, the feeling of being immortal

Powerful emperor, i hail thine name!!!

Abrahkkan domini, profundis inhabitte
Enslaver - dominant oblivion

I deserve to be by your side, obscured by your whim
I have passed thy darklands in the name of offering majesty...

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