These Are The Thoughts (Cifrada)

Alanis Morissette

MTV Unplugged - Alanis Morissette

Key: D Intro: e ------------------------------------ B ---------------15------------------- G ---14--13--14----------------------- 8x Intro riff These are the thoughts - that go through my head In my backyard on a - sunday afternoon When I have the house - to myself and I am not Expending all that energy on fighting Bm G D With my boyfriend D ( intro riff ) Is he the one - that I will marry And why is it so hard - to be objective about Myself why do I feel - cellularly alone Am I supposed to live - in this crazy city Bm G D Can blindly continued fear-induced regurtitated life-denying tradition Be overcome D ( intro riff ) Where does the mo - ney go that I send To those in need, if we - have so much why do some people have Nothing still why do - I feel frantic when I Bm First wake up in the morning - why do you say you are spiritual G D Yet you treat people like shit D How can you say - you're close to God And yet you talk behind - my back as though I'm not A part of you, why do - I say "I'm fine" when it's Bm Obvious I'm not, - why's it so hard to tell you what I want G D Why can't you just read my mind? Intro riff Why do I fear - that the quieter I am The less you will listen - why do I care whether you like me Or not why's it so hard - for me to be angry Bm Why is it such work to stay - conscious and so easy to get stuck G D And not the other way around D ( intro riff ) Will I ever move - back to Canada can I be with a lover - with whom I am a student And a master, oh why am I - encouraged to shut my Mouth when it gets too close - to home, why cannot I Bm G D Live in the moment

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