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Naw Breton 'ba Prizon (nine Bretons In Jail)

Alan Stivell

Naw Breton 'so ba'prizon c'hwec'h mis 'so tremenet
Ba'n toull-bac'h e rhoteant him boud bet ampronet
Nine Bretons were thrown in jail over half a year ago
For six months they wait for trial and the charge we do not know.
N'eo ket deit c'hoazh o frosez, netra wez kawet'nemde'
Nemed un nebeud trakted, na pesa' skouer fall 'wez
Police found papers in their homes calling for liberation
It's not a crime to read and write but they are jailed for so long.
'Ane' traou 'el keotalded, breudeuriezh ha frankiz
Trawalc'h skriwo Brezhoneg, 'wid checho bras malis
They spoke of fraternity, equality and freedom
Such words become an insult if in the tongue of Bretons.
Ba'Paris memes a-gleiz a so 'bern traou all d'ober
Kudennoù so bet a-leiz, kaoc'h wez lar' d'ar Vretoned
The left in Paris cannot help and we must work on our own
No time for minorities who live so far from their home.
Ma ga'it ma c'hanaouenn him bleuniou barz-heg tener
Sonjet ba're 'so ba'prizon, a so c'hortoz Newamser
Newamser ebed ba'Breizh gwelloc'h ba'bro ell'bet
'Raog 'ziwano sosialouriezh ha frankiz dre an holl bed
Spring won't be for Brittany or other countries even
Until we see the victory of liberty for all men.

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