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Ar Vritoned 'ba Inis Breizh (the Bretons In Britain)

Alan Stivell

Wardro tri-c'hant bloaz araog ar C'hrist
Darn vras hon tud kozh oa chom barzh'inis Breizh

'Lodennig all 'oa an Arvoriz
O chom dija 'barzh an Arvorig

Hanterkant bloaz araog ar C'hrist
Zo bet aloubet ga' 'r Romaned

An Arvoriz 'so bet tost romanizet
Inis Breizh-veur 'so bet levezonet

Levezonet kreñv eo bet ga'Roma
Met chomet keltieg peurvuiañ
Warlec'h bet tamm pe damm romanizet
Ar Vritoned 'so bet kristianizet

Met an Ilis geltieg 'oa un tamm ispisial
Un tamm Drouiziezh a oa mesket e-barzh

In Britain in the year 300 BC
Lived most of the people of Breton ancestry.

But a small number had travelled far
Across the Channel to Armorica.

In the year 50 BC
Armorica became Roman territory.

A century later, Britain too
To Rome began to pay her due.

Armorica was under Roman sway
But the Britons kept more of their own way.

While Roman rule appeared to win
The Britons stayed Celts beneath the skin.

When Romanisation of Britain was done
The Christian missionaries followed on.

But the Celtic Christian Lore
Had links with the Druids who went before.

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