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Heavy Chevy

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He ask me not to go so fast
Slow the road down babe
He said he got him a little girl
She ain't no cruiser like I am
Well you know she ain't the one
You got to run boy run

Now why you wanna do it dirty?
And with me, how could'ya hurt me?
Oh baby, please please please
How could'ya leave me down here on my knees
Well you know she ain't the one
You got to run boy run


Ooh, ooh daddy ooh
You know my heart's not outta room
You wanna love that little girl
By all means, honey do
Well you know she ain't the one

He said now lemme take'ya out
Buy you new appliances
I wanna take'ya out
Better home and sciences [wtf?]
I wanna take'ya out
I wanna meet'cha kids
I wanna take you home baby
Tell me where it is
I come back when I want and
Don't you ask no questions
Me and you forever baby
You could be together babe
I said I love'ya babe!
And no I really do
I wanna take ya out
And take'ya kids out too
I wonder if you'll let me
We're stuck in the heavy Chevy
I wonder if you'll let me
Baby baby do ya get me
I wonder if you'll ever
Eh-eh-eh-ever be jealous
I wanna be with you together baby
You and me throughout eternity!


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