Alabama Shakes

Sound & Color

[?] far away
We were born together
In the beginning there was just you and me
Where we was worst of [?]
Suckle on the honey of the [?]
Where we was sleep, in the South sunshine
I smile at you and you to me

And in the dark, I see the moon
Shine in your eyes, we were so
And that is when, [?]
No such thing
I looked at you, and you looked into me
And we saw in each other, everything
We knew no skin as we [?]
Best of growing up, we've come to love

[?] far away
We were [?] together
Go roll over in a dream
We drift apart, on down the stream
The honeysuckle [?]
The snake that lay in the Sun, so fire
I smiled at you and you to me

And in the night, I see the dark
Inside of you
[?] to look like wings
Never knew no better, there was no such thing
I reached for you like a child between
We saw in each other, everything

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