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One More Time


One more time, one more time,
Live it one more time, one more time.

Why if you never see tomorrow again,
And it's the last part that you attend,
Let's live it up like it's 3010
What if this was the end.

So invite all your family and friends
Cause they should be celebrating,
Let's make the best up this time that we spend,
Cause if this is the end, I want you to

Live like you don't plan to wake up (8x)

Hey party people, put your hands high,
I know you're drunk and I know you're high
Don't lecture me, I won't lecture you
Only got one life, you know what to do

So leave your sorrow and your pain,
Leave your fortune and your fame
You can leave it all behind cause you will never see it again,
And when you're thinking back to this day
I want you to be able to say that you would gladly do it again,
Gladly do it again


You've got a problem?
This ain't the place
You want a (?)
Then we'll reserve a space
You rock with me
I rock with you
Only got one life
You know what to do

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