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On a Saturday night you could be in a club in Cidade Baixa, Porto Alegre's bohemian neighborhood, or in a Canadian pub and chances are you'll probably run into Akeem. This national indie figure known in Rio Grande do Sul's nightlife and also in the international one carries in his veins the creativity of a multi-instrumentalist and multi-talented artist who, along with his extensive background alongside remarkable bands from Rio Grande do Sul, appears for the first time with solo compositions and a project that carries not only his name but also his identity in each chord.

Akeem is the new project of Akeem Delanhesi, a musician from Porto Alegre with several passages in bands from the local scene and who has toured with musical groups such as Cartolas and Tabascos, the latter, took him to Canada in order to participate in the important Canadian Music Week festival, alongside bands ranging from Tegan and Sara to Eagles of Death Metal. With his experience as a musician, songwriter and producer, he put together a team of great instrumentalists to record the first songs from his newest solo career, "Cyber Love" and "Lullaby Of Samba And Goodbyes". Two singles that gather different references from Akeem's journey till this moment and which rely on the masterization of an idol not only of him, but of many indie followers, the american Darwin Merwan Smith, frontman of the Darwin Deez band.

In "Cyber Love", the musician relies on Cartola's Pedro Petracco participation, as well as Felipe Kautz from Dingo Bells and João Augusto "Jojo" from Wannabe Jalva, Pássaro Vadio (producer of Cyber Love). In the track the band is able to transit from sonorities which blend bases from Darwin Deez's first sounds with a dash of the australian Tame Impala and Jerry Paper's vaporwave, giving rise to a pop ballad, synthesized and dance filled with computer sounds and creamy electric guitar riffs. At the end of the track, you'll certainly feel like as if you're traveling through some California beach on your 90's swimsuits, shades and tons of sunscreen, feeling the breeze of each keyboard solo and electric guitar that Akeem and his friends build during the 3 minute long song. In the smooth b-side "Lullaby Of Samba And Goodbyes", he puts into practice the teachings of his idols Devendra Banhart and Rodrigo Amarante. Several layers of acoustic guitar set the tone of the track and end up being complemented by a base of percussion and synthesizer notes in the background, completing the band's trip to the beach and painting that afternoon evening after too much sun and hot weather.

Akeem, in his first two singles, is able to show the competence he has not only as the experienced musician accompanying big bands, but also as a quality singer and composer. He manages to convey in each chord of his debut songs a little bit of what he's seen, heard and played till this moment, merging indie, synthpop and folk in a recipe full of identity and feelings, either in partnerships that set the tone to his sound, or in the joy of the arrangements he composes.

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