It's On


When it´s on it´s on, the party won´t stop to the break of done,
Uh, when it´s on it´s on, the party won´t stop! The party won´t stop!

Rap1 (A.K.):
Soon available…

Everybody, it´s time to have some fun,
We gonna bring it on (bring it on!)
Until the break of done (´til the break of done!)
Everybody, it´s time to party
Put your hands up in the sky
Raise them up, raise them high, c´mon!


Rap2 (Mazaya):
As I taste of my chocklade let the way that I move you wanna slock it,
Let me see your gun, check the way that you cock it
You wanna rock a party to the morning sun,
give me 68 kisses and I owe you one…
Now the crisp I´ll be poppin, my hate is droppin,
now that bitch will be pissed, couse it´s me the shoppin,
You extra wanna step up, I´m gonna hit you skin,
`Couse Mazya slazes host wendel let me in

Rap3 (A.K.):
Soon available...

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