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Divas On The Floor

Ain't no Joke

Get ready
Cause we got the power
We gonna bring the house down
That's all I'm about now
My ladies gonna show ya
How it's done around here
We're divas on the floor, so
You'd better watch out
Outta my way
Get ready

As I walk in, everybody bows down to the queen
Got the moves that make you give it up, all eyes on me
If you really like it hot
I'll get you burnin' up
To the haters, send my love
Blow you a kiss, bye!

Turn it up and watch me rock my body
No one else has got that groove, I got it
You can't help but watch me rock
my body
On the floor I lose it, baby
Gettin' down I make you crazy

Letra enviada por Andreza Joanne

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