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Hi everyone ! My name's Ahlex,
My objective it's to save this vision, this wrong vision that we all almost have about the world, it's to reach to the person that thaught me the most precious lessons about life and that with that? Made the person that I'm nowadays. He helped me reaching to my purpose and made me see that happiness it's right around us ! That everyone needs to be different ! That having different visions about the same world that we live in , it's not that bad ! It's magical !

That all of us ? We've an amazing force inside of our souls and that we ? No matter how talented we are ? Not everybody is going to like us, and that no matter how much younger or older you are, you can always make the difference, that you can always make a big difference ! And music ? It's the platform that I"ve chosen to expand my difference and my work ! The platform that I've chosen to help people, to give them hope, to make them see that we all have the light at the end of the tunnel !

Singing, writing a song or composing are what I love to do the most, and no matter if I'm gonna need to lose my privacy, if I'm gonna need to be alone sometimes or even if I'm gonna need to be criticized , no matter that, at all ! Cause I'm going be helping changing the world, I'm going be keeping the work of the person that I want to reach one day, while I'm gonna also be doing something that I love to do ! I'm going to show that all that matters ! Finally, I want to left my mom proud.. I know that, mothers always say that they will always be proud of her sons but, I want to make sure of my mom's proudness, I wanna be able to call her on stage and sing to her while watching her happy face !

That's my biggest objective !

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