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My Heart Iidasenai Your Heart Tashikametai (translation)

Ah! Megami-sama (oh! My Goddess)

Just being close to you doesn't make love happen.
Even if I make a puzzle you can't solve it because you're slow
We came to the spring sea, wearing summer clothes.
Please cover me gently with your shirt.

My heart won't let me say "Please kiss me."
Day dream... My dream gets bigger and disappears
high in the sky.

Any girl can be happy. When they fall in love, they start shining. Even if the tears start flowing, or my heart aches, if it's because of you,
I won't be sad.


I want to have a secret. I want to feel guilty.
Though I know what's happening with you,
I pretend I don't Even if my heart races in fall,
or I feel sad in winter,
I'll be okay if this precious love bears fruit.

I want to be certain of your heart.
I believe in your fingers touching me.
It's my first true love, which is why
my cheeks are burning.

When a girl is in love, she can become beautiful
doesn't even need red lipstick.
Even if she can't sleep, all she does is dream,
overflowing with feelings of love.


Any girl can be happy. If she is full of love,
she can be invincible.
Even if tears start to flow, or her heart aches,
if it's because of you, she'll become gentler.

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