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The Sentinel


Defeat and such a bitter end
we have come to and yet we shoulder these burdens
and walk into a suffered future.
We carry on until we collapse.
Weakened souls fall from this earth into the black space where
God only knows how to find his way out.
They were gone.
Oh but they didn't mean it after all weren't we made so intricate.
As to see the other side.
Without the constant sound I always felt alone in my fear.
I was afraid of him.
My eyes are wide open but they're still so delicate to this light.
We have nothing better to do, we just sit.
Would you rather believe there's no one waiting for us.
To be here in this place with no voices calling out our name.
I know the fear of God has grown and died inside me.
Don't look back because we when we leave we don't return.

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