Stabbed in the back,i've lost my trust
for the person that i've trusted so much
always smiling and laughin in my face
but talk shit about me every other place
you were my brother you had my respect
til i felt the steel pierce thru my back
now my trust for you is over
cuz you turned into a backstabbing poser
(chorus)I need to stitch up my back
i turned my head and you attacked
all in my face you used to sweat me
behind my back you disrespect me
You wouldnt say nuthin when it was eye to eye
behind my back you wish that i would die
i didnt think this would happen to me
the only friend i had was an enemy
i cant believe the person i considered a brother
was a 2 faced bitch undercover
the only person i trusted my whole life
stabbed me in the back wit a butchers knife
(Never Again)Will I trust no one
(Never Again)Will I be So dumb x 2
Never Again x 2
Why cant you see
You are now the enemy
I cant believe
You would betray mebut
(Never Again)Will I trust no one
(Never Again)Will I be so dumb x 2
Never Again x 2

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