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Electric Storm

Agent Orange

it was something you said about the way it goes
that was making me think, "i'm jamming the controls"
i need something to help me see
how fast i'm moving now
i can see it all clear, but i don't know why
'cuz i know in my mind, i've got to try my luck
i've got nothing left to lose
now i'm watching my whole life flash before my eyes

i can picture myself on the edge of a desert plain
it's the sound of my voice
through the force of the wind and rain
as i open my eyes i can now see the sky transform
i'm looking into the eye of the electric storm

i've got cranked into overdrive
that's all that's keeping me alive
i need more than couple thousand volts
to keep the thunder rolling now
i'm hoping these clouds won't dissipate
and i'm praying to god that it's not too late
i've got to make my way up to the top
to the place where the lightening bolts
come crashing down

now i'm standing up tall
with my hands reaching towards the sky
i'll be searching for something more until the day i die
the rain on my face feels cold but the wind is warm
i'm in shock from the raging power of the electric storm

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