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Harvest Of Sorrow

Age Of Darkness


She is gone
Leaves are falling down
The tear maiden will not return
The seal of oblivion is broken
And a pure love's been turned into sin

At the dawn of our living time
Hope may cover all cries
Truth lurks hidden in the shadows
Dreams might be filled with lies
Soon there will be light
Pain remains inside

Suddenly it seemed so clear
All the blindness was taken away
She closed her eyes
And she called out my name
She was never ever seen again

Harvest of Sorrow
Your seed is grown
In a frozen world full of cries
When the ray of life shrinks
Shall cold winter nights begin

She is gone
And I fall from grace
No healing charm covers my wounds
Fooled's the dawn
And so am I
Fooled by life and a bitter doom
To bring you the end of the day

At the dawn of our living time
Hope it soon will pass by
Facing a darkness
I stand alone


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