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Gun Love (I Belong To U)


[Chorus: D.B.A. - repeat 2X]
("I belong to you") I'm in love with my nina
I'm in love with my nina ("And you")
("You belong to me") I'm in love with my nina
I'm in love with my nina, bang - bang

[Don Bishop Agallah]
Yeah, let's get it poppin man I pop with a pistol
Cause if the, pistol will pop you would be hotter than gristle
So hot it's hotter than Saddam sendin a missile
You fuck with me, all the Goonies'll be comin to get you
Pop you and lift you, then drop two in your temple
Pull out the switchblade on you and I'm ready to rip you
Ain't nobody gon' help you when the Ag' is comin to get you
You better hope that suit and tie and that box gon' fit you
Niggaz ain't gon' say shit when that casket close
That's, how it goes when you deal with foes
That's, how it is when you up in this biz
Niggaz'll rape your wiz and murder your kids
When you hear the desert E sound you know what it is
You can have on a bulletproof and still crack your ribs
Try to test the Don Bishop, I ain't the one
Just listen to the song that I sing to my gun, it go


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