Against Me!

500 Years

Against Me!

I opened my eyes as sunlight broke over the marsh
My lungs were filled with sulphur, I was all washed up
Caught in a storm drain and into a gutter
I had no memory of who I was

500 years I was a ghost for you
500 years I was lost for you
There's nothing left of me
I can't move on for 500 years

I followed coquina sidewalks down into the city
The palm rats danced on the telephone wires hanging up above me
I knew that his black eyes were watching on me
I could feel the heat of the flames reaching out for me

Somewhere in the cemetery
I know my corpse is rotting
My heart's paralysed in my chest, it feels like my legs are made of concrete (?)
Sometimes it feels like I have always been here
Sometimes it feels like I will never leave

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