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Feed From The Floor


Dust on dust, in a new room
First impressions of the sun
Burnt the skin now are buried
We've been staring up too long
Eyes gone dry. no more tears
Salt and shame upon my tongue
Dust on dust, drying flowers
We've been coming here too long
Here in the golden mirror watch
Every word you say shatter
And find a way to cut like golden days
Flesh on flesh on the dry earth
Our reflections are the same
Wearing dust, match the desert
Past is captured as it's made in your image
Like an actress lying to protect her age
Dust on lens. dying flowers
We shall not return again
Here in the golden mirror watch every word
You say shatter and find a way
To cut like golden days
Your watching as I fade
Fading as I'm watching every word I say
Loving how I fade, wilting like a flower
Knowing that the rain may fall too late
It can't revive my dying flowers
Oh the rain may fall... too late
This is our final hour

Compositor: Davey Havok

Letra enviada por Juliana

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