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The Gate


A cold and gloomy night where the moon can
be seen clearly and the wolves howl.
There walks a man alone to find his real self.
Shadows follow him on his search, trees move
in the wind which whispers his name,
silently but shuddering.

Fog surrounds his body which is
tensioned to the core.
He knows that the forest holds a
secret which nobody
knows and which can be very dangerous.
Things that no human being has ever seen before,
unnatural creatures, deformed,
living six feet under ground,
unspeakable acts of terror and naked fear.

He enters the gate, a door to another world.
To a world where life is meaningless and non existent.
He passes through and leaves
his life behind in this rotten,
decadent and vermin infested place called earth.

He enters another dimension
in which dark beings rule.
He transforms to one of those creatures.

His eyes burst, his ears fall off his head,
a pair of horns grows out of his forehead and
a devilish smile spreads across his face.
He left his fear behind
and became another nocturnal child greedy
for the blood of humans.

If you think that you’re tough enough,
join our army of darkness.
If not you will bleed
for our eternal greed!

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