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The Embodiment Of All Misery


Deep down in the gorges of oblivion there lurks an outcast
Filled with rancour and hatred
Against the world above,
Reigned by a beast!!

Your race is slowly croaking, no use to defy!
I'm yearning for the day you painfully will die!
Kneel before me, the misanthrope!!
Your fate is sealed, there is no hope!

This demon may be known to you as homo sapiens.
Ironically there's not the slightest connection between sapience
And the primal stupidity of the accused.

Kneel before me, the misanthrope!
Your fate is sealed, there is no hope!!

Inhumane avarice leads to the exploitation of his environment.
Arrogance everlastingly combined with horrendous acts of violence.
Insane mind breeds self-destruction.
The worst enemy is his own species.

Incapable of emotions, striding towards the inevitable.
"superior" mind overcome by a parasitic and destructive madness.
Egomanic territory claims, nature literally consumed.
Eternal striving for world domination.

The embodiment of all misery!!
Of all evil!!

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