Aesthetic Perfection

so wait
is this my delusion
im being left by my only friend
come clean and just tell me the answer
do you know what you have done
fuck you and your life
im wondering just what to do
ive got nothing here now
so leave it
with someone who might really care to hear this
your worthless case

so fake
your comments false and lucid
cautious of words that rarely leave your mouth
rethink the choices you made in emotion
what you do
just might destroy
the lives of those you call friends
did you lose sight in my absense
in your persuit you left us all behind
the face you always look to for answers
becomes an anthem a fit a rage

when you lost your mind
i lost the will
i cant change anything for anyone but me
sometimes i think i cant go on
well these wounds are mine
dont try to say that this was just about you
ignore the impulse to break down the process enough
to just sit back and watch me drown

its true we all want to be alone
youve got no right to walk away
seems you who never had
a choice is now the one with no remorse
sad to see such irony is lost on you
because those who forget where they came from
soon fall back to where they used to be
i'll keep my eyes open to watch you hit the ground
you deserve your wretched past

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