Somebody (cifrada)


Box of Fire

2. SOMEBODY rhy.fig.1- E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G---------------------------------------------------| D---------------------------------------------------| A----2--2--4----2--4--2--2---4----------------------| E----0--0--0----0--0--0--0---0--2---2--3-3--4-4-----| This riff changes slightly, sometimes changing to (2 3 4) instead of (2 3 3 4 4). When the verse comes in, play this: rhy.fig.2- I need a lady not somebody shady... E---------------------------------------------------| B------2--------------------------------------------| G------2-------(3x)---------------------------------| D------2--------------------------------------------| A---------------------------------------------------| E----------------------0---3---0---3----------------| (rhy.fig.1)) The words fit into the music like this: I need a lady not somebody shady need someone to be close to somebody cozy not somebody nosy help me see my whole day through F#5 someone to share the load A5 somebody to walk the road I live!(rhy.fig.1) Basic chords for this part go like this: fill 1- F#5 A5 live E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G-------------------9--9\-----9---------------------| D---4-----7---------9--9\-----9---------------------| A---4-----7---------7--7\-----7---------------------| E---2-----5-----------------------------------------| (rhy.fig.2) Good Lord send me, good lord mend me send me down someone for me said I won't be choosy you could send me a floozy send me anybody you please F#5 Somebody say you will A5 Somebody further still G5 B5 Somebody some-somebody for me(fill 1) fill 2- D5 A E E---------------------------------------------------| B-------------------2-------------------------------| G----9----7--7------2-------------------------------| D----9----7--7------2----------------2--------------| A----7----5--5-----------------------2--------------| E-------------------------3---2---0--0--------------| Now won't you send me somebody (repeat twice) I used two barre chords in this transcription without tabbing them. Here they are for those who don't know: B5 G5 E-------------| B-------------| G---4---------| D---4----5----| A---2----5----| E--------3----| Sorry, I dont know the guitar solo yet

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