Magic Touch (Cifrada)



C5 B5 A(2x) work for me. Let me know if you know what's really played. Neither am I exactly sure about the main riff but it sounds a lot like this: rhythm figure 1(guitar 1)- E------------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------------| G-----4p2-----0-2------4p2-----0-2------5-4-----0-5--5p4-----| D-----4p2-----0-2------4p2-----0-2------5-4-----0-5--5p4-----| A--5-------5-------5--------5-------5--------5------------5--| E------------------------------------------------------------| E---------------------| B----------0--0-------| G--4p2-----0--0-------| D--4p2----------------| A-------5-------------| E---------------------| Repeat that when necessary. Before the verse the second guitar plays(what sounds like) this: guitar 2(w/distortion)- E----------------------------------------------------12------| B--10------/---12------/--10----12----13-----15------15b-----| G--12b----r/---15b----r/--12b-r-15b-r-15b-r--17b--r----------| D------------------------------------------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------------| F I tried to get a message to ya G E but you walked the other way Am F I need your magic touch C G don't you know F Em C G I got a habit and I can't let go Am F Feel the fire C G burnin' slow F You better get it while it's hot now babe cause I can't Em let go I don't know the guitar solo(please send it to me if you do), but the bridge goes something like this: C You never know what you got F G til they take it away C F I'm comin' ready or not G gonna get you someday Chords used: E--1---3---0--0---0---0----| B--1---3---0--0---1---1----| G--2---0---1--0---2---0----| D--3-------2--2---2---2----| A--3-------2--2---0---3----| E--1---3---0--0------------| F G E Em Am C

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