Hole In My Soul (cifrada)


Gold (Remastered)

Introdução: Guitarra Base 2x E--5---5------|--7---7------|--8---8------|--7---7------| B--6---6------|--6---6------|--6---6------|--6---6------| G----5---5----|----5---5----|----5---5----|----5---5----| D-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| A-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| E-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| Introdução: Guitarra Solo E|-5---5--8--7--8p7p5-7P5-----5---5--8--10v--------------------------| B|---6--------------------8-----6------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------| Introdução: Guitarra Base junto com Guitarra Solo I'm down a one way street > With a one night stand >>> With a Fone track mind >>>>> Introdução Guitarra base Out in no man's land >>> > E4 Em (The punishment sometimes don't seen to fit the crime) F Yeah there's a hole in my soul G/F But one thing I've learned F For every love letter written G/F There's another one burned E4 Em (So you tell me how it's gonna be this time) D C Is it over... Is it over D G Cause I'm blowing out the flame Estribilho D4 D Take a walk outside your mind Am Tell me how it feels to be C C7 The one who turns the knife G inside of me D4 D Take a look and you'll find Am There's nothing there girl I swear C C7 I'm telling you girl yeah cause Eb Cm There's a hole in my soul Gm Ab That's been killing me forever Fm Db Eb It's a place, where a garden never grows Cm There's a hole in my soul Gm Ab Yeah I should have known better Fm Db Cause your love is like a thorn Eb D G4 Without a rose, yeah, yeah F G/F I'm as dry a seven year tought F I got dust for tears G/F And I'm all tapped out E4 Em (Sometimes I feel broke and can't get fixed) F I know there's been all kinds of G/F Shoes underneath your bed F G/F Now I sleep with my boots on but You're still in my head E4 (And something tells me this time Em I'm down to my last licks) D Cause if it's over... C Then it over D G And it's driving me insane Estribilho Solo: E|-------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------3-5-3h5v--5p3---3-------------------------------| G|-4p2---2h4-4---------------4---4p2-4-4-2---4-2---------------| D|-----5-----------------------------------4-----2-------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------3-------------------------------------------------12/7/12-------------| B|-----5-------5--------------------1/6-6/8-8/10-10/18-18/17---12/7/12-12p10-------| G|-2h4---2h4------4p2--------------------------------------------------------12-9v-| D|--------------------5--5h2-------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------2-----3-----------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------3/0-------------------------------------------------| D Yeah, it is over C Yeah it over D G And I'm blowing out the flame Estribilho

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