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Stay Tonight


Please stay tonight
My heart hasnt felt the same since I left you in the cold
Please take this life
My hands havent looked the same since I have wiped them clean of you

It hurts nonetheless
The pain has become so real
How did it go so far
I tried to forget but your love pushes through
It hurts nonetheless
My world has become so still
Chasing my fear of you
I can hear your voice but the poison remains
Bleeding me dry of you

You steal my unrest and go where the numbness dims
How can I say goodbye to a world that persists on draining me slowly
You steal my unrest and bring my wounds to the surface
Have I fallen so far to catch a glimpse of your faithfulness
I know you wont leave me here

I died just to feel your hand on my face
I turned my back and hid from you
I would hear you speak if it cost me my ears
I struggled to breathe in the midst of this place
My hearts turned to stone with no love to embrace
Steal me away from the sin I cant break

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