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Since childhood, his greatest passion has always been music. The result couldn't be different. Become a Dj!

Dj / Remixer, Adriano Goes is part of the precursor generation of electronic music in the southern state of Rio de Janeiro.

Released the song Live It Up and Higher with Ramada.

Produced official remixes for the song Inspiration and the So Free Kasino's songs and the Ramada's song, Light My Fire.

Created the Ag Live (dance music project, with presentations "live", featuring Dj Vocal format Sax)

Already presented twice (2005/2007) in the most Lgbt World parade in Sp for an audience of more than 2 millions people

Participated in the Top Djs Brazil's Coletanea Cd, released by Universal Music, where were selected the Top Djs in the country.

In the radio broadcast, produces and presents the Festa Dance radio show that airs daily at 5 Pm, on the Real Fm - 93.9 Mhz. In website:

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