You don't know me
You don't know me at all
You haven't seen a thing of me yet
You cannot see
That which I do not expose
So you don't know
What a mess I am

I don't want you
I don't want you to know
How I feel inside because I already know
You wouldn't care
For you would not understand
How deep inside
This shit's suppressed by me

I turn around to you, babe
Can you see me
Or your vision of me instead?

Stay in your state of bliss
Stay - you don't want to feel like this
I'll stay away from you
Or I'll devour you

I can't see you
I cannot reach out to you
From where I stand and so I stand still
But when I see you
Reaching out of your realm
I yearn for you
Wish I could trust in you…

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