Splitting Up

Adequate Seven

A sad day when you decided to go.
I understand or at least i think so.
I relate to all the feelings you break.
Just hoping it’s not a mistake.
I try to put myself in your position,
I want my own life back but no one listens.
So this is the hardest thing i’ve ever done
And i can’t explain this condition.

Now we’re splitting up, hurting me so much.
Now we’re splitting up, said you’ve had enough.

Meeting you, it changed the way
I look at life right to this day.
To love yourself, love who you are
And that respect for each other goes oh so far.
I had so much fun and it went fast.
It was sad when i realised it wouldn’t last.
Seeing as a metaphor for something more
But i will always miss our times on tour.

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