First Love (cifrada)



Tom: C F Cmaj7 So little to say But so much time Em Despite my empty mouth Am The words are in my mind F Please wear the face Cmaj7 The one where you smile Because you Em Lighten up my heart Am When I start to cry F Forgive me first love Cmaj7 But I'm tired Em I need to get away Am To feel again F Try to understand why Cmaj7 Don't get so close To change my mind Em Please wipe that look Out of your eyes It's bribing me Am To doubt myself F Cmaj7 Simply, it's tiring ( F Cmaj7 Em Am ) Em This love has dried up Am And stayed behind F And if I stay Cmaj7 It'd be a lie Em Then choke on words Am I'd always hide F Excuse me first love Cmaj7 But we're through Em I need to taste the kiss Am From someone new F Forgive me first love Cmaj7 But I'm too tired Em I'm bored to say The least and I Am I lack desire ( F Cmaj7 Em Am ) Forgive me first love (4x) Forgive me Forgive me first love (2x)

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