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Dear Babe


Chorus -
Dear babe I?ll always love you and every night I think of you
Cos baby our love is strong
Dear babe you?re constantly running through, through my mind
I promise in my heart you?ll find, baby

Verse 1 -
It doesn?t seem a big surprise to me
How I fell in love with such a queen
I would give her everything she needs
Cos deep inside my heart she is everything
I try my best to keep the love alive
And in the end she?s turned away and cried
Love is crying and my heart is true
I have one thing to say and that is I love you baby


Verse 2 -
I?m thanking you for the times we shared
For every moment that you said you cared
I didn?t tell you but it meant a lot
To know that u loved me no matter what the cost
I guess I?m tryna say that in the end
All I really wanted was just a friend
I?ll always be calling you baby boo
Cos in reality I?m still in love with you baby


Bridge -
When we fell in love my heart just fell apart
Cos I knew I couldn?t live without you next to me
I need you right by my side so you can feel my honesty
Dear babe i'll always love you down in my heart


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