Adam Green

Exp. 1

Adam Green

and this is how we go to school
and know how to butter your bread
travel to 80 miles high
get shot down like a duck
and show me how to dig my hole
show me how to get down slow
butter your roll just like Nat King Cole
(yeah stick it to 'em!)
i think i'll do that
no, my birthday's not in january but were c-c-close
i want to learn sign language
then i can destroy my phone
teach it to my family, my two families
let me show you how to dance
let me buy you some dessert
you can be part of my family
like they want me to do
you know i've been drunk before
you know i made up my life before
you know i wont rase some things
and kill animals
so tell me, am i ready for you?
let me stand up on your shoulders
let me look up your skirt
fly away little pussycat
it's like i'm a curse

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