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Beautiful Mistake

Adam Chaki

Your walk was so destructive
In that little cotton dress
Your smile was so seductive
Like a breeze in the summer's stillness
When the heat became too much
Your eyes became a lake
I jumped in
But now I'm sorry
Wasn't it a beautiful mistake

I had gotten lonely
As people sometimes do
Grabbled my gun and went out hunting
Only not necessarily for you
My heart had scrapped along the ground so many times
That I thought it was a rake
You picked it up
But now I'm sorry
Wasn't it a beautiful mistake

What if you get hungry
And it's way past midnight?
I know an all-night diner
With a broken neon light
And if hunger is mocking you
If it is more than you could take
Go on and take a bite
And then be sorry
It'll be a beautiful mistake

We'll make a million journeys
Before we turn to dust
There is no crime if we should go
From lust to disgust
We're been doing it so perfectly
Since we were tempted by a snake
We give in and then we're sorry
Isn't it a beautiful mistake

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